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BioGuard Mineral Springs
mineral-salt based swimming experience


The BioGuard Mineral Springs system features easy-to-apply minerals & salts and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer, right in your own pool. Mineral Springs takes only about five minutes a week to maintain. The real joy is that once you've begun using the Mineral Springs system, you only have to add the Renewal product once a week. How's that for easy?

Two Easy Steps!

  • Step 1: Beginnings - BioGuard's proprietary blend of minerals added to your pool water at start-up
  • Step 2: Renewal - Once-a-week replenish the mineral levels, keeping pool water soft and clear

    This system is ideal for:

  • Pools of any size or surface type
  • Pools equipped with any salt - chlorine generator or salt "system
  • Frequent travelers, vacation-takers or those who just want thing "automated"
  • Those looking for the luxuries of a mineral pool

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