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®. non-chlorine, non-bromine pool care
Pristine Blue Spa & Hot tub Start up Kit, PristineBlue, Pristine Power, Pristine Check, Pristine Clean, Pristine Extra, Pristine Clear

the chlorine & bromine free system that makes sense!

  • PristineBlue® is EPA registered in all 50 states for Pool & Spa use.
    • Proven product since 1990
    • Water feels soft & gentle. Easy on Pool surfaces, equipment, bathing suits, skin, hair & eyes
    • Safe for all Pool surfaces (please consult your pool professional on newly plastered or
      finished concrete pools before adding PristineBlue®)
    • Use your swimming pool within 15 minutes after adding any of the PristineBlue® products
    • Will not drastically effect the water balance
    • May be used with ANY type of filter system
    • The active ingredients control algae as well as bacteria
    • Fantastic compliment to pools & spas utilizing ozonators
    • Easy to convert; compatible WITH chlorine!
    • The ONLY product line you can use in your Pool AND your Spa
    • Easy to convert
    • Very economical to use
    • Received the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval for skin & respiratory irritation.
      Safe alternative to chlorine treatments...(July 24, 2006)
    • An environmentally friendly product

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