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Ronald Parrs, Basic Author

How to Maintain an Intex or Soft-sided Aboveground Pool, page 2 - continued from page 1

Now that we've listed the issues of Intex® brand or Soft-sided aboveground pool (sometimes known as "instant" pools) , let's get down to solutions!

It really is simple.

The trick is, you've got to follow these directions to the letter. If you do, you will succeed. Skimping - with the idea that you're going to save some money - WILL NOT work. I can guarantee that from dealing with hundreds of these pools over the years. Please trust us...

First, Basic Maintenance.

Getting the basics down pat is the first step in successfully maintaining your Intex® brand or Soft-sided aboveground swimming pool. Here are the things that you just have to do everyday.

  1. Run the filter. At an absolute minimum, run the filter for 12 hours each and every day. Whether it's going to be used or not. Whether the weather is good or not, the filter MUST run for 12 hours daily. Monday thru Sunday. No days off. Turn it on first thing in the morning. Turn it off when you go to bed. You can not run the filter "too much"... If you want to make the filter more efficient, consider adding a Circulator in place of your regular return fitting. The Circulator will increase the pool's circulation by more than 1000% (yes, one thousand)! That simple devise can - and has - make all the difference in Intex® brand or Soft-sided aboveground pools.

  2. Test the water. You've got to test the water to find out if the levels are proper and the water is "safe" for you and your family & friends to use. Use test strips or a good test kit. For more information on water testing click here. Be sure that your chlorine or sanitizer level is good (chlorine between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm). The pH is almost more important because the pH level controls how well the chlorine or sanitizer works! You want a pH level of 7. 4 to 7.6. Adjust the pH level as needed right away; don't wait. It can get out of your control very quickly. Learn about good water balance here.

  3. Add Chlorine. Our customers have found that adding a small daily dose of Super Soluble everyday (about 2 - 3 oz), you maintain a solid level of sanitizer to kill bacteria and algae and keep the water clean. If the pool water gets above 85° F, and there's a lot of use and a lot of kids, then add a second dose about an hour or before you shut the pool down for the day. If you don't want to use chlorine, we strongly recommend Pristine Blue. Easy to use. Easy on skin & hair. Very economical. Normally added weekly.

    How about salt (saline) or Baquacil or Soft Swim (biguanides)? Our experience over the years is that either of these systems is considerably more costly and less effective. It all comes to the filter system. We DO NOT recommend the use of either system.

  4. Brush the pool walls. Brushing the pool walls removes slimy build-up or algae in its beginning stages and lets the filter do the work. Think of it as brushing your teeth. Would you skip brushing your teeth every day? That's just gross...

The good news is, is that those 4 steps should take you no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Isn't your family's health & safety worth those few minutes?

Now let's look at the Regular Maintenance.  These steps should be about every week for best results. After that, we'll look at some changes in equipment that you may want to consider.  But now, on to the rest of this article...


If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

Telephone (during store hours): Shelton  203-377-0100


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