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Ronald Parrs, Basic Author

How to Maintain an Intex or Soft-sided Aboveground Pool, page 3 - continued from page 2

Now let's look at the Regular Maintenance. 

These steps should be followed about every week for best results in your Intex® brand or Soft-sided aboveground pool. Then, we'll look at some changes in equipment that you may want to consider.

These Regular Maintenance steps should be considered a "check list" of what you should be doing to not only have crystal clear water, but safe, healthy and easy to care for water.

Weekly Steps. These steps shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to perform.

  1. Shock the pool. Shocking the pool is the single most important thing to do on a weekly basis. Shocking oxidizes and helps to get rid of the contaminants that eat up chlorine and make the water smell, taste and look bad. If the water is CLEAR, use about 1 pound of Lithium or Calcium hypochlorite per up to 10,000 gallons. Don't skimp! The chlorine level may be high for a day or so, but you've oxidized a lot of nasties that you don't want in the pool water.

  2. Add a maintenance dose of Algicide. Adding this small dose of algae will help to prevent algae growth in the pool. Algicide works as a "back up" in cases of heavy use or a sudden rain storm that may compromise the chlorine level. Good quality algaecides such as BioGuard Algaecide 28-10 or Back Up work to kill and prevent algae in all those little "nooks and crannies" that are difficult to clean or vacuum.

    Most customers pool water problems start because they do not perform these 2 very important maintenance steps. Shock & algaecide every week.

  3. Vacuum the pool. Do a weekly vacuum and inspection of the pool. Get out the excess dirt & debris that has accumulated.

  4. Clean the filter. Especially if you have a cartridge filter. Chemically clean it. Don't just rinse it off. Chemically cleaning the cartridge removes the greases and oils that have accumulated. Think about your clothes or dishes. Do you simply rinse them and put them away? Of course not! You use the proper detergent to break up the dirt, greases & oils. And so it is with your filter. An easy to use spray on filter cleaner like BioGuard Kleen It works well & is easy to use.

    A couple of DON'Ts: DO NOT use plain acid to clean your cartridge. The acid will set the greases & oils in place. DO NOT soak it in chlorine bleach. Bleaching will not remove the dirt, greases & oils.

  5. Clean the Ladder. Almost everybody forgets this step. Removing and cleaning the pool ladder takes accumulations of slime and algae that grows and hides under the ladder treads. Didn't think of that did you? That's why we're here for you!

Here's one last step... get the kids involved!

Hey, they're the ones using it most and these maintenance steps are pretty simple for kids (let's say over 7 years of age) to help with. Plus, they'll gain a certain amount of ownership and respect for "their" pool.

Lastly, let's briefly take a look at some optional extras that have proven to make sense for so many of our customers.

  • Purchase a Circulator. The Circulator will dramatically increase the pool's circulation. Small investment with good results.

  • Consider upgrading to a larger, more effective Cartridge or Sand Filter. You gain greater filter area and capability, greater circulation. This is especially a good idea if you intend to keep the pool for several years. In the short and long term, you'll be much happier. The pool will stay cleaner and you'll actually use less chemicals.

  • Consider using Pristine Blue instead of regular chlorine. Pristine Blue is economical to use and is much more stable in sunlight and warmer water. If you have hair or skin allergies or sensitivities, those are even better reasons to consider Pristine Blue.


If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

Telephone (during store hours): Shelton  203-377-0100


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