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Aquarian Nuance Aboveground Pools - Pool & Liner Kits
aquarian pools - enjoyable family fun

Par Pool & Spa is proud to carry Aboveground pools manufactured by Cornelius-Aquarian.   These Pools offer Style, Strength & Structure. They're manufactured for Beauty as well as functionality.

The Nuance Pool is engineered for looks as well as strength with special attention for your budget.

Your pool is a direct reflection of the kind of person you are & the values you & your family hold. All Galvanized Steel & Structural Polyresin provide a pool wall & frame that will last decades. Super strong 20 & 25 mil liners are available in a variety of colors & prints that hold up to tough winters & summers full of Fun & Play.

25 Year Warranty!

Aquarian Nuance

7" Extruded Resin Khaki Frame with
Tuscan Wall

Round: 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', 33'

Oval: 12x18, 12x24,  16x26, 16x32, 18x33


Sleek ledge, cap & post system. Heavy duty angle braces for traditional oval or option No Buttress System (NBS).

Choose Your Liner

Print Bottom overlap  - Standard

Outlook Tile
25 g. (V Bead) - Optional

● Long-lasting Galvanized Steel

● 7 mil Polyester coating on Top Seat & Upright

● Rust-proof protection

● Stainless Steel Hardware

● ABS Ledge Caps


Sleek buttressless ovals available

Aquarian Nuance Round Pool Kits -
Deluxe Round Pool Kits include Pool, Print Bottom Liner, Thru-wall Skimmer, Thru-wall Return
15 ft x 52" - List $1599.00, Sale $1,199.99
18 ft x 52" - List $1499.00, Sale $1,199.99
21 ft x 52" - List $1699.00, Sale $1,299.99
24 ft x 52" - List $1899.00, Sale $1,499.99
27 ft x 52" - List $2099.00, Sale $1,699.99
30 ft x 52" - List $2499.00, Sale $1,999.99
33 ft x 52" - List $2699.00, Sale $2,299.99
Outlook Liner Upgrade - $149.99

Deluxe Oval Pool Kits -
Deluxe Oval Pool Kits include Pool, Solid Blue Liner, Thru-wall Skimmer, Thru-wall Return
12 x 18 x 52" - List $1799.00, Sale $1499.99
12 x 24 x 52" - List $2299.00, Sale $1999.99
15 x 24 x 52" - List $2799.00, Sale $2399.99
16 x 26 x 52" - List $2999.00, Sale $2599.00
16 x 32 x 52" - List $3199.00, Sale $2799.99
18 x 33 x 52" - List $3499.00, Sale $3099.99
Outlook Liner Upgrade - $149.99

Complete Your Pool!
Make Your Pool a Package with these Great Accessories!
Wide mouth aboveground pool skimmer & return kit
Thru-wall Skimmer & Return Kit

Playtime Filter Systems

Underwater Lighting
Deluxe pool maintenance kit, vac head, leaf net, brush, thermometer
Maintenance Kits
Deluxe Resin Safety Ladder aboveground Pools
Safety &Deck Ladders
Lumio Wedding Cake Step
Drop In Stairs
Polaris 65 aboveground pool cleaner
Automatic Cleaners


Pools do not include filter, ladder, other equipment. Please click on the links above or below for further information or call us.

Delivery Notice: All Playtime Tempest Aboveground Pool Kits & Packages are delivered by UPS Freight (LARGE TRUCK).  Pools & their equipment are delivered to the FOOT OF THE DRIVEWAY ONLY.  It is the Buyer's Responsibility to have sufficient able-bodied people available to unload the pool & equipment.  The truck driver will not & cannot aid in the delivery process.

Please add approximately $150.00 delivery charge (Pool Kit only, complete package is slightly more) to anywhere in CT, MA, RI, Southern NY (Albany & South along the Hudson River including Long Island), and all of NJ. Freight to the remainder of New England, the Mid-Atlantic States, the eastern Mid-West, and North Carolina typically range from $200.00 to $300.00 depending on the exact delivery address.  Other states & regions of USA will be charged accordingly. You will be contacted for a specific quote at the time of your order.  The rates shown are for demonstration purposes only.

NOTE: EVER DRAIN your pool.  The liner will shrink, voiding the warranty and could cause damage to your pool.


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