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BioGuard® Water Balance, Conditioning & Accessory Products
®. Guarding more than your pool.

For POOL use only.  DO NOT use in spas or hot tubs.

BioGuard Balance Pak 100 Total Alkalinity Increaser

BioGuard® Balance Pak 100 Total Alkalinity Increaser safely & effectively increases the Total Alkalinity (TA) in your swimming pool. 

When TA is low, the pH tends to "bounce" causing problems maintaining a normal pH of 7.4 - 7.6.  Low TA will also contribute to corrosion of pool surfaces in a similar manner to low pH.

High TA leads to the pool water becoming scale forming which damages pool parts & surfaces.  High TA is similar to high pH in that it will contribute to causing the sanitizer to "slow down" therefore leaving it not as effective in killing & controlling bacteria & algae.

Good water balance is essential - you can watch the Video here!

Excellent for use in all pools.  Swimmers may use the pool only 15 minutes after application! 

No Pre-mixing required!

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Read & follow all label instructions. When pool is not in use, broadcast proper dosage, up to 10 lbs. Per 10,000 gallons at a time, directly into the deep end of the pool with the pump running.  Do not add through skimmer. 

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Allow water to re-circulate 2 to 3 hours, retest, repeat treatment to adjust Total Alkalinity up to 125 - 150 ppm (vinyl pools) and pH (7.4 - 7.6) .

Use as needed. 
Pump must run 8 -12 hours daily for best results. 

Sizes Available:

4.0 lb. $8.99
12.0 lb. $23.99


BizRate Customer Certified (GOLD) SiteNOTE:  Avoid physical contact with product.  Follow all safety information on label instructions.  Open ONLY in WELL VENTILATED AREAS.  Avoid breathing fumes.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Keep out of the reach of children.



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