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Intex & Soft-sided Pool Care - easy care for soft-sided pools

The Basics.

Now that you have come home with your Intex or soft-sided pool from the department store, what do you do? How do you maintain it?

All pools are easy to maintain, but each kind of pool has its special needs.But believe it or not, they're NOT so easy to maintain. And instead of going back to Big-mart for questions and problems, many of these customers come to us.  And after much hemming and hawing, they realize that we have the answers; Big-mart does not.

Intex® or Soft-sided pool owners also come to realize that they have purchased something that requires some regular care and maintenance. Unfortunately, some realize this fact a little too late and become frustrated and even irritated.

NONE of that is necessary! is here to help you ENJOY your pool! is actually going to make this easy for you... We'll start with chemicals.

Now, what do you use to treat it? Let's put it into a simple table that should help:

Chemical Used Overall Effects Special Notes
Chlorine - dichlor granular Good needs to be added multiple times per week; can also be used as a shock treatment; ability to "control" the amount of chlorine better; maintained at a level of 1.0 - 2.0 ppm
Chorine - trichlor tabs/sticks Good may put a drag or constant lowering of the pH; added using a floater or chlorinator; maintained at a level of 1.0 - 2.0 ppm
Bromine tablets Good sometimes gives a "musty" odor; added using a brominator or floater; maintained at a level of 2.0 - 4.0 ppm
Liquid Chlorine Not so good significantly adds to Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), resulting in more frequent draining & refilling
Salt / Chlorine Generation Not so good High mineral levels, scaling of surfaces, plumbing, heaters, etc.
Biguanides (Soft Swim® or Baquacil®) Not so good significant foaming, water can feel "gummy" if PHMB is allowed to be "high" (over 50 ppm)
Pristine Blue® Very Good a non-chlorine, non-bromine way to effectively treat warmer water. easy on equipment, much simpler water balancing.
Ionizers (Nature2®, Pool Frog®) Good may not provide sufficient sanitizing when larger bather loads are encountered
Algaecides Not so good significant foaming of the water; algae better controlled with borates and proper chlorine levels
Cal Hypo Chlorine Almost bad significantly adds to Calcium Hardness & Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), resulting in scaling and more frequent draining & refilling
Borates (Optimizer Plus®) Very Good controls algae growth without foaming plus aids in overall water balance; easy to maintain (at a level of about 50 ppm), typically added 1 or 2 times per year.
AquaFinesse® Excellent prevents & controls bio-film build-up in plumbing lines and on surfaces; Pool Pucks are added every 1 to 2 weeks
Naturally Pure® Enzyme Cleaner Excellent prevents & controls bio-film build-up in plumbing lines and on surfaces; enzymes help to consume swimmer/bather/environmental waste. Phosphate remover helps remove orthophosphates brought in from body waste, dead hair & skin cells
Enzymes Very Good help "digest" excess swimmer waste that will contribute to bio-films, odors, etc.; added weekly
MPS (potassium mono persulfate) shock Good usually used in combination with Ionizers; not a stand-alone product; a good oxidizer but poor sanitizer; recharges bromine; breaks up chloramines

Household products? Stay away from them. They are NOT pool or spa chemicals. Would you cook or do laundry with pool chemicals? Didn't think so.

Remember that good water balance (pH, total alkalinity & calcium hardness) is just as important for a Swim Spa as for a swimming pool or hot tub.  Good water balance affects sanitizer efficiency, equipment longevity and swimmer or bather comfort (red eyes, itchy skin, dry hair, rashes, etc.) and health.

With all of this information, let's put it all together for simple & effective care.  Click here for the details.

Let's make this even easier for you with everything you need. Swim Spa Care Kits with everything you need.

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