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SpaScenes spa cover murals Changing the Look of the Spa Experience
Tired of looking at a drab, grey cover bottom every time you use your spa? 

Now there's Spa Scenes.  In minutes you can mentally escape into your own paradise at the beach, in the mountains, even a beautiful sunset. Easy on the eyes.  Easy to install. -


The Full-View  SpaScenes™ Mural is made to work with any lift arm systems where the cover is exposed 29" to 48" above the spa deck when open (spa cover lifter is typically mounted at the top of the spa cabinet or the spa is set into a deck or patio - such as a Top Mounted Cover Lifter) . SpaScenes™ Trim-to-Fit design means the Full-View style will fit any size or shaped spa up to 96" wide.

Now you can go from drab to fab in under an hour!

SpaScenes spa cover mural SpaScenes spa cover mural
Ugly! Gorgeous!
Which spa cover bottom would you rather look at?

Full View SpaScenes: 50 1/2" H X 96" W with drain flap in center
for spas with a TOP mounted cover lifter

Is Full View right for you?  To determine if the Full-View style is right for your spa, open your spa as you would to use it and measure the distance from the top of the spa deck to the top or "hinge" of the cover. It's that easy.

Spa Scenes™ are new waterproof vinyl murals that transform the ugly, drab gray underside of any new or existing spa or hot tub cover into a unique visual experience.  Turns that ugly-looking spa cover bottom into a customized privacy screen.  Add a SpaScenes™ to your spa and enjoy soaking & relaxing like never before! 

  • Affordable

  • Easy to install 

  • No special tools required

  • Made for use with Top Mounted (Full-View) spa cover lifters

  • Won’t harm your spa cover - actually helps to protect it from direct assault of heat, steam & chemicals especially with the add on Protection System.

  • Interchangeable to different scenes

  • Designed to fit virtually any size and shape spa up to 96” wide

  • 9 different designs to choose from

  • heat, moisture & chemical resistant

  • 2 year warranty

  • NEW! Add on a second "blank" side & make SpaScenes a complete under spa cover protection system!  Add life to your spa cover investment. Just $59.99 when purchased with your choice of SpaScenes Mural.

SpaScenes Full-View Spa Cover Murals - click on the pictures for a better view


  Rock Palms - Popular - Palm shaded tropical beach with Rocks
List Price $249.99
Our Sale Price $199.99 - NOW
SpaScenes spa cover murals, Plum Palms Sunset, full-view Plum Palms Sunset - Popular - Palms over Caribbean at Sunset
List Price $249.99
Our Sale Price $199.99 - NOW
SpaScenes spa cover murals, Aqua Palms, full-view Aqua Palms - Palms over Aqua bay
List Price $249.99
Our Sale Price $199.99 - NOW
SpaScenes spa cover murals, Fern Falls, full-view Fern Falls - Popular - Tropical stream with ferns & flowers
List Price $249.99
Our Sale Price $199.99 - NOW
  Moss Falls - Tropical Forest stream, moss covered rocks
List Price $249.99
Our Sale Price $199.99 - NOW
SpaScenes spa cover murals, Garden Springs, full-view Garden Springs - Flowing spring lined with flowers
List Price $249.99
Our Sale Price $199.99 - NOW
  SpaScenes Cover Protection System - Add on
Now add a second piece to your SpaScenes Mural & protect the entire underside. Second piece is unprinted and comes complete with mounting kit. $99.99 Value
Special with purchase of your choice of any SpaScenes
ONLY $59.99
Re-Mounting Kit

Use for re-mounting an existing SpaScenes on a replacement cover.  Includes mounting sets, wipes & instructions
Our Sale Price $27.99

SpaScenes panoramic spa cover mural productsThe Panoramic SpaScenes Mural is made to work with any lift arm systems where the cover hangs behind the spa (spa cover lifter is typically mounted at the base of the spa cabinet) and less than 29" of the cover is showing above the spa deck. SpaScenes Trim-to-Fit design means the Panoramic style will fit any spa up to 95" wide. Click here for Panoramic SpaScenes details.

SpaScenes Murals are typically shipped within one week.

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