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Custom Redwood Spa Surrounds
Multi-level SurroundIs this how you imagined your Spa or Hot tub might look one day?

This is what you call a relaxing, inviting setting! Easy walk ups, beautiful flower plantings, a bar for your favorite refreshments or towels. 

Just a great place to sit, soak, enjoy nature, time & your loved ones.  It makes you feel so far away from life's hassles, but you're just steps from the comfort of your home.

Handcrafted and custom made, you can transform your free-standing spa or hot tub into the environment you always wanted.

Round or Square, simple steps, benches, partial or wrap around bar.  Add stools for outside sitting & chatting or dining.

Take a look at the sample designs below.  If you would like a quote for your Spa Surround, please email us.  We'll contact you within 72 hours with a quote. 

All surrounds are made from the finest select dried Redwood & factory treated with the best Stain & Wood sealer in your choice of semi-transparent colors to match your hot tub, spa cabinet or decorating environment. 

Worry-free ultra wood synthetic wood for those tough element places where heat and weather take their toll, soon available as an optional material.

Jacuzzi full surround

Full Square Bar Surround with Double Step entry

Free-Standing Full Surround

Full Multi-level Surround with Bar, Benches & Double Step entry

Here are a few sample surround combinations:
Deluxe Surround DELUXE - Available in double tier (as shown), this step package wraps around your spa on three sides. Beautiful solid redwood, designed in the classic piano-key style, is smooth-sanded and routed on all edges. Custom-made for your spa. 
Approximate Cost:  $1300.00 to $1900.00, plus shipping
Deluxs Surround - option one OPTION I - This 3 Sided step surround offers a double step / bar / stool configuration. Its styling features solid redwood as above in the classic piano-key configuration. You choose which side the bar is to be located. Custom built to your spa's dimensions.
Approximate Cost:  $1600.00 to $2100.00, plus shipping
Deluxe Surround - option 2 OPTION II - A double step starts at the front of your spa and then gently curves back on both sides to your bar (of any height you wish) and two standard 24" high stools for each side. As in the Option A above, three sides of your spa are surrounded with redwood. Custom built for your spa.
Approximate Cost:  $1600.00 to $2200.00, plus shipping
OPTION III - A double step in the front of your spa and then gently curves back on both sides to your bar (of any height you wish) and four standard 24" high stools for each side.  Four sides of your spa are surrounded with redwood. Custom built for your spa.
Approximate Cost:  $2300.00 to $2600.00, plus shipping
Bar Surround Bar Surround - A continuous, sweeping bar (built to whatever height you wish) begins with rounded bars on both front corners, continuing along both sides and around the back of the spa. Add an optional set of deluxe double or single steps (not shown) across the front to complete the picture and give you a four sided surround. As with all of our surrounds, the solid redwood is sanded and routed.  Custom made to your specifications.  Approximate Cost:  $1400.00 to $1900.00, plus shipping
Looking to restore your spa's cabinet? We've got that too! Click on the picture.
  On a budget? Take a look at our Convenience Combination Deals. Specially Priced from only $349.99

Click here for MORE STYLES & surround accessories


Surrounds start at about $1,000.00 (single tier step surround).  We would be happy to quote your Spa Surround need.  Delivery time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks upon confirmation of your order.  Please email us

Remember, you can fully customize your spa surround with additional steps, planters, redwood flooring, privacy panels & more.

Hybrid construction Available at additional cost.

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