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Economy Priced Inground Safety Mesh Pool Covers - GRECIAN Shaped Pools

HPI Safety Cover Material, green mesh, blue mesh

From CoverStar & GLI.


Economy Priced Mesh Safety Cover System

  • Strong Construction - Secures your pool against accidents by children & pets
  • Tamper-proof design! Your Secure-A-Pool Cover cannot be removed without its installation rod.
  • Your Secure-A-Pool Cover is made from tough UV inhibited polypropylene fabric! Lasts longer, resists tearing, rotting and stretching.
  • Mesh Safety Cover System's Open mesh construction! Allows water & melting snow to filter through while screening out leaves and other debris. 91%
  • Stainless steel & brass hardware!
  • Lightweight! Easy to handle.
  • Pool-owner-friendly! Can be installed or removed in minutes. (Great for those summer vacations)
  • Taut fit! Enhances the beauty of your yard & pool during the off-season.
  • WOW! 15-year warranty! Worry-free dependability. (CoverStar covers only).
  • Cost efficient! Saves costly seasonal maintenance (i.e. painting, plastering, etc.).
  • Available in blue or green (green is standard stock color).
  • All Step sections accommodate steps up to 4 ft x 8 ft.
  • Meets or exceeds safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91
  • Custom fit for your in-ground pool
  • A Quality product from CoverStar, one of America's most respected safety pool cover manufacturers, not an unknown or cheap no-name brand as often found at most websites.
  • Made in America.

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For Deluxe Priced Mesh safety covers, click here...

Steps are determined looking from the SHALLOW end of the pool to the deep end.

  Economy Mesh - Grecian  
16´6" x 32´6" NO Step    
16´6" x 35´6" NO Step  
17´10" x 36´10" NO Step  
18´6" x 36´6" NO Step  
20´9" X 39´9" NO Step  

Center Step measures up to 4 ft x 8 ft
16´6" x 32´6" Center Step   List $1139.99   Our Price $  929.99
16´6" x 35´6" Center Step   List $1299.99   Our Price $  979.99
17´10" x 36´10" Center Step  List $1379.99   Our Price $1029.99
18´6" x 36´6" Center Step   List $1379.99   Our Price $1029.99
20´9" X 39´9" Center Step   List $1499.99   Our Price $1199.99

For Economy Rectangle Safety Mesh Covers click here  

Prices INCLUDE Concrete Anchors, Springs, Installation Rod, Anchor Key & Storage Bag.  Do the discounters include these items?  Usually not.

Mesh Safety Covers

For Safety Cover Parts click here

Protect your Safety Cover - Mouse Busters -  Effectively keeps mice & other small vermin from setting up a home in your dormant, cozy pool heater or chewing up your safety cover!  Pouch lasts about 3 months.  Non-Toxic. Herbal, All Natural repellant with essential oils.  Distasteful to rodents.  Will not harm children. Also great when storing safety covers or under spa & hot tub cabinets. 

Two easy & safe to use products - Powder or Liquid.

Powder: remove the cap & place it in a corner of the space you wish to protect. Use multiple bottles in large areas.

Liquid: Liberally apply Mouse Busters Liquid to the inside edge of the area you want to protect. You may need to re-apply the liquid every 90 days. In areas where freezing in possible, you may want to use this product in conjunction with Mouse Busters Powder.
Mouse Busters Liquid List Price $23.99, Our Price $17.99 each
Mouse Busters Powder, List Price $25.99, Our Price $18.99 each


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