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Pool Winterizing products, pool covers, air pillow, water tubes, BioGuard Arctic Blue winter chemical kits, Gizzmos, Aquadors, winter plugs, safety covers, solid covers, mesh covers, leaf net covers, Soft Swim Chemicals, Pristine Blue Winter Pak  Pool Winterizing products, pool covers, air pillow, water tubes, BioGuard Arctic Blue winter chemical kits, Gizzmos, Aquadors, winter plugs, safety covers, solid covers, mesh covers, leaf net covers, Soft Swim Chemicals, Pristine Blue Winter Pak

NEW! Skimmer Plug

Introducing the simplest way to winterize your aboveground pool skimmer!

  • Easy to install - just push it in place!

  • Works & acts like a "Cork in a Bottle!"

  • Incredibly durable

  • Made of Rovaseal material - thermo-insulated layer that "grips" the skimmer body faceplate to provide a 100% air tight seal

  • Chemical, temperature & UV resistant to provide years of service

  • Great protection of your swimming pool investment

  • Rigid outer plate stands up to icy winters

  • No faceplate to change!

  • No worrying of the "lid" coming off like other skimmer winterizing products.

  • Very affordable

  • Even fits into an existing Aquador opening

  • Patented, unique product

  • Models to fit many aboveground & inground pool skimmers

Saves precious water!

Inside Dimensions Model or Type of Aboveground Skimmer Our Price  
5 9/16 H x 5 13/16 W 1090 or 1091, Olympic, Aquador 1090 or Most Standard Opening $19.99
5 3/16 H x 11 1/2 W 1090 Wide Mouth, Olympic, Aquador 1010 or Most Standard WM Opening $24.99
4 7/8 H x 11 1/2 W 1091 Wide Mouth, WaterWay Flo-Pro, Kokido  
  Inground Skimmers    
5 9/16 H x 7 5/8 W SP1084, Aquador 1084, WaterWay Renegade Standard $24.99
5 5/8 H x 15 3/16 W SP1085, Aquador 1085, WaterWay Renegade Wide Mouth $29.99
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Mouse away pouch keeps mice & other rodents from taking resident in your heater

Mouse Away Pouch -  Effectively keeps mice & other small vermin from setting up a home in your dormant, cozy pool heater or chewing up your safety cover!  Pouch lasts about 3 months.  Non-Toxic. Herbal, All Natural repellant with essential oils.  Distasteful to rodents.  Will not harm children. Also great when storing safety covers. 

List $9.99  Our Web Price $7.99

Also great for stored cars, boats, spa cabinets, crawl spaces or anywhere small rodents like to "bed down" for the winter

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