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Pool Winterizing products, pool covers, air pillow, water tubes, BioGuard Arctic Blue winter chemical kits, Gizzmos, Aquadors, winter plugs, safety covers, solid covers, mesh covers, leaf net covers, Soft Swim Chemicals, Pristine Blue Winter Pak Pool Winterizing products, pool covers, air pillow, water tubes, BioGuard Arctic Blue winter chemical kits, Gizzmos, Aquadors, winter plugs, safety covers, solid covers, mesh covers, leaf net covers, Soft Swim Chemicals, Pristine Blue Winter Pak

No Hanging Bottles! No Bleached Liners! Gentle, Easy, Effective Winter Pool Care.

Winterizing your Pool correctly at closing time is the key to a great, Spring opening!  BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kits make it super easy for Chlorine, Bromine, Mineral Springs, Pristine Blue or Nature2 sanitized pools.  Use in Vinyl, Fiberglass, Painted or Plastered Pools!

If your pool is a little
green, you may want to add an additional dosage of Arctic Blue Winter Algaecide or BioGuard Winter Algicide 40.

f your pool fits between or over these gallons or if your pool is going to be closed for longer than 6 months, use one bottle EXTRA of Arctic Blue Winter Shock for each 6,000 gallons to 12,000 gallons of water.

ALL Chemical Winter Kits are made to properly WORK for a maximum of about 4 months. If the pool is going to be closed for a longer period of time (example closing before October 1 and opening after May 1), it is absolutely necessary to add additional shock and algaecide to the winterizing process. This will help to prevent not only algae growth but chlorine demand problems at pool opening.

SoftSwim, Baquacil, Revacil, Splashes, Poly Clear (biguanide) treated pools, click here

Winterizing instructions, click here.  For Detailed information on the products click on the images.

BioGuard Arctic Blue Off-season Winter kit 12, treats pools up to 12,000 gallons BioGuard® Arctic Blue® Winter Kit 12
for pools up to 12,000 gallons. Contains 1 pt. Arctic Blue Winter Algaecide & 2 lb. Arctic Blue Winter Shock 
SALE PRICED ONLY $33.99 each
BioGuard Arctic Blue Off-season Winter kit 24, treats pools up to 24,000 gallons BioGuard® Arctic Blue® Winter Kit 24
for pools up to 24,000 gallons. Contains 1 Qt. Arctic Blue Winter Algaecide & 4 lb. Arctic Blue Winter Shock 
Our Web Price ONLY $69.99 each

BioGuard Pool Winterizing Chemical Products, winter algicide 40 BioGuard® Winter Algicide 40
Use 1 Qt. for up to 15,000 gallons for best results.  For use in ANY type of pool.  For use with Chlorine, Bromine OR Soft Swim systems.
1 Quart Bottles  SALE $19.99 each

BioGuard Pool Winterizing Chemical Products, Concentrated Arctic Blue Winter Shock, use 2 lbs. per about 12,000 gallons of pool water. BioGuard® Arctic Blue® Winter Shock
Your best protection against algae growth for a clean pool next spring. For use in Chlorine & Bromine pools ONLY. Perfect to use with the Winter Kit 12 when winterizing "mid-size" pools. Treats up to 12,000 gallons!
2 Lb. Bottle 
SALE $16.99 each

NEW! Discount Pool Winterizing Kits

Pool-Trol Winterizing Kit 75 Pool Trol Winter Kit 75
Treats pools up to 7500 gallons.
List Price $29.99 Special Sale $19.99
Pool-Trol Winterizing Kit 15 Pool Trol Winter Kit 15
Treats pools up to 15000 gallons.
List Price $39.99 Special Sale $27.99
Pool Trol Winter Kit 25
Treats pools up to 25000 gallons.
List Price $59.99 Special Sale $44.99
Pool-Trol Winterizing "G" Canister, winter tablets Pool-Trol Winterizing "G" Canister
Each canister contains 1 lb 7 oz of slow-dissolving, slow release winterizing tablets that control the growth of algae over the winter time.
List Price $19.99
Our Web Price $14.99 each

Winter Chemical Accessories

NEW AquaFinesse Pool Water Care pucks, 6 oz, 170 g, removes biofilm AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets
The best product to use BEFORE closing your pool to begin eliminating pool surface bio-film build-up. Add an initial dose for 2 weeks prior to closing.  Click on the picture for more details on the importance of bio-film removal. Prevent chlorine demand, staining, scaling & other problems for NEXT season!
NEW! Pristine Pure®
Pristine Pure® Enzymatic Cleaner, larifier & Phosphate Remover. The perfect natural addition for the best in swimming pool care. Great to us when winterizing your pool. Helps destroy & prevent the formation of organic contaminants that shocks & algaecides can't control. Click on the picture for all of the details.
NEW! NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover
Safe, effective, economical, powerful! Get your pool off to a great start with this great product. Use with all pool care systems. Consumes organic waste that builds up in your pool over the winter. Perfect when closing your pool. Aids in preventing the growth of biofilms on pool surfaces during the off-season months. Click on the picture for further details.
1 Qt - List Price $39.99 Our Web Price $34.99
4 x 1 Qt. - $109.99, Closing Season Special
Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Fall & Spring
Pool Magic Spring & Fall
® from Natural Chemistry®

Pool Magic's Spring & Fall makes spring pool opening easier when properly used at closing or winterizing.  Enjoy an easier, less expensive pool opening when you use Pool Magic. Click on the Pool Magic picture for complete product details.  An absolute must for pools utilizing a MESH winter cover!
1 liter bottle, $24.99 each

Cover Cleaner from Natural Chemistry

The safer & more effective way to clean solar blanket or winter cover.  Won't harm the grass or most plantings.  No harsh chemicals.
1  liter bottle, $21.99
Our Web Price $21.99
Click her for details.
NEW! Off-Season Pool Enzyme

The strongest off-season enzyme product we've found to combat organic waste & biofilms that normally build up over the winter due to lack of circulation, filtration & proper chemical maintenance. A special blend made for our customers! Use one concentrated quart per 15,000 gallons right before closing. The BEST winter additive you can use.
1 Qt Bottle, List $24.99
Our Web Price $19.99
  Pool Line Antifreeze
For best results, use about 1 gallon per 20 ft of underground piping.  For use in a swimming pool's underground piping only.  This product will not keep your pool from freezing!  It's made to protect the underground pipe lines.  Non-toxic.  In the spring, just start your pool.
1 gallon Jug - SALE $11.99 each
BioGuard Off the Wall concentrated gel surface cleaner for swimming pools Off the Wall®
Clean the surfaces before the winter sets in for simpler cleaning next spring.
The Best Surface Cleaner Yet!  New Thicker Gel formula.
For ALL Pool Surfaces
24 oz. SALE $10.99 each
BioGuard Stow Away - winter cover, solar blanket & outdoor furniture cleaner Stow Away®
Cover & Solar Blanket Cleaner. Keeps the blanket from getting "icky" over the winter.
1 Qt. $15.99
Strip Kwik®
Degrease & "Shampoo" your Filter!  Get a clean start next spring.
1 Qt. $17.99 SALE $14.99 each
BioGuard Kleen It spray on filter concentrated filter cleaner Kleen It®
Filter De-scaler & cleaner!  Get a clean start next spring.
1 Qt. $18.99
SALE $13.99 each
BioGuard Optimizer Plus prevents algae growth, softens water MAKE POOL CARE AWESOMELY SIMPLE WITH OPTIMIZER PLUS. Pool winterizing is a great time to get started!  
PristineBlue Winterizing Pack PristineBlue Winterizing Pack  
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